THEY CALLED HIM SPENCER (Documentary feature)

Karl-Martin Pold

With Bud Spencer, Terence Hill, Riccardo Pizzuti, Ottavio Dell’Aqua, Mario Pilar, Salvatore Borgese, Oliver Onions, Rainer Brandt, Thomas Danneberg, Marcus Zölch and Jorgo Papasoglou


An EPO Film Production in co-production with DEPARTURES Film and Buddy Lane


Austria / Germany


German theatrical release: 27.07.2017


A documentary road-movie about an early-retired policeman and a blind bank clerk who become best friends at the annual Bud Spencer/Terence Hill Fan Festival. They hit the road in an old VW bully in order to make their biggest dream come true: meeting their hero Carlo Pedersoli alias Bud Spencer in person.

German distributor: Neue Visionen